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Ministry of National Education,
Higher Education and Research
General secretary
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Support the
export of french

Centres of excellence
for vocational training abroad


Within the scope of promoting French educational expertise, developing the export of technological and professional training courses is strategic to the international influence of France, both scientifically and economically. We are able to meet this challenge through exporting products, expertise and teaching skills based on pedagogical material and methods. Close links between companies and international education enable training courses to be implemented that are adapted to the realities of the work market. One of the strategies implemented by the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research is based on a threeway partnership embodied by the creation of centres of excellence in initial and continuous technical training in different countries.

A major challenge for the export
of French companies and small
or medium-sized companies:

When they set up overseas,
the centres of excellence enable
French companies to support
their international development
by offering qualitative professional
and technological training
to local staff.

Educational and
societal challenges
for partner countries

The French educational proposal
is incorporated in the technological
challenge linked to the industrial
scope and societal challenge that is
in turn tied to the rising level of public
expertise in the context of the country’s
sustainable economic development.

With this strategy the Ministry for National Education, Higher Education and Research in connection with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development participates in the implementation of national policies in terms of economic intelligence.

Training courses offered

professions in the automobile, aeronautic, rail, construction and public works, electricity, industrial automation, naval construction, management of product life cycle (PLM) industries.
New training courses in 2017: intelligent town and BIM (Building Information Modelling), virtual reality, tourism, nuclear industry.

What are the task for French Expert?

Within the centre of excellence:

  • Provide technical and educational training to local teachers and participate in the management of the centre ;
  • Implement initial and continuous training courses (establishment of the technical platform in the centre, designing educational models, references…).

But also in the host country:

  • In time, install a network of independent training centres;
  • Develop the exchanges of students and teachers.

What is the added value for our educational system?

  • Consolidation of the international “school-company” relationship;
  • Support for French student mobility and promotion of French technological and professional sectors
  • Participation in the mobility of teaching staff and expansion of the scope of their skills
  • Contribution to digital development at school and learning languages through collaborative work projects (ETLV) led by French and foreign establishments (MOOCs in a foreign language)